Comprehensive Strategy

An extensive and collaborative process, which yields a fully fledged brand, visual identity and strategy to grow your company


COst Starting From
€13,000 ex vat
Project Duration
12 weeks
Minimum Hours
325 hours
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Branding Strategy For Your Business

We look at your current business strategy, your goals and what your want to communicate. We then develop a comprehensive branding that suits your strategy and develop a solution for multiple media types, both print and digital

SEO & Market Research

The first step is to conduct detailed quantitative research on your business, Industry and competitors
1. Identify the target audience (brainstorming, keyword research, competitor analysis, industry reports)
2. Draft the company’s mission statement
3. Research a range of brands within your niche
4. Detailed SEO research into potential customer behaviour and competitor presence online

Branding Exploration Process

We use the detailed results of the initial research to inform the branding exploration process that we conduct with you
• Two brand exploration meetings and follow up work
• Identify the key differentiators between you and your competitors
• Establish the set of expectations for your customers and feeling for clients
• Clarify the brand message, taking into account the mission statement and brand values

Initial Strategy

A brand strategy is a plan of action for your business, that helps to outline specific, long-term, goals as well as your brand mission, and brand story. It’s the who, what, where, when, why, and how.
1. What is the purpose of your brand
2. How will you remain consistent and “on brand” in your communication
3. What emotional connection do you want to make with your target audience
4. How will your brand remain flexible and react to the marketplace
5. How can you get your employees involved and invested in your brand vision
6. Is there an option for you to reward loyalty among your customers and staff
7. Who are your competitors, and what are you doing that’s different to them
8. Creating your one-year Marketing Plan

Visual Branding Process

Once the research and strategy is in place we create the visual branding assets to communicate your message and achieve the established goals
This is an extended version of our Visual Branding Package and includes the additional elements listed below