Building Your Visual Identity

An exciting and collaborative process, which yields all the elements you need for customer recognition and targeting


COst Starting From
€6,500 ex vat
Project Duration
8 weeks
160 hours
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Comprehensive Branding

We look at your current business strategy, your goals and what your want to communicate. We then develop a comprehensive branding that suits your strategy and develop a solution for multiple media types, both print and digital

This package is best for a company with a clear business model and want to take their business to the next level. This would be the starting point for any business looking to get the most from their marketing efforts

This package includes

Primary Logo & Variations

We will provide you with print and web ready versions of your branding that you can use in different circumstances and media, along with a range of supplementary versions

Brand Manual and Guidelines

This is a comprehensive guide on how best to apply your branding for any given media type. It provides detailed instructions for your staff on how to use the variations and supplementary materials

Colour Palette & Typography

By using our recommended colour palette and typography your brand will remain constant in all future applications. You can use it as inspiration for creating any marketing assets you need

Extensive Research

We run a discovery workshop to explore your business, target audience, direct competitors and any existing branding. We use the results to develop a comprehensive brand that is targeted at your sector

Business Branded Materials

We look at all your business needs from business cards, to letterheads, complementary slips and envelopes. We brand all your print and online material to ensure consistency

Promotional Graphics and Images

We develop suitable graphics and images that can be used across the range of your branded materials and are also suitable to be applied to your website and social media