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Sort Your Online Bookings

Helen O'Brien
March 28, 2019

Make your life easier with our Online Accommodation Booking System & Property Management System

A Complete Online Booking System

Our unique accommodation booking platform seamlessly integrates into any existing website, allow your customers to easily book their stay on any device. Its user-friendly backend allows you to easily manage bookings and reservations and automatically manage your connections to channels such as Booking.com and AirB&B, removing the risk of double bookings

Suitable for Hotels, B&Bs, Hostels and Holiday Rental Accommodation

What does our system include?

Online Booking System

Our integrated booking platform makes it easy for your guests to book their stay. It makes offers and rate changes easy to manage and allows you to automate payments and emails

  • Mobile optimised so your customers can book from any device
  • Manage promotions and rates to increase bookings in quiet periods
  • Fast and secure system with automatic updates
  • Seamlessly integrates into your existing website
  • Increase your profits by removing expensive commissions, just a low fixed flat fee, based on the number of rooms

Complete Property Management System

Our Hotel Management System allows you to easily manage and adjust your reservations and availability from any location or device

  • All reservations managed from one central location
  • Easily manage and relocate resources while taking customer queries
  • User friendly backend that allows your staff to use with minimal training
  • Allow different levels of access depending on staff responsibilities
  • Save time by automating repetitive tasks and simplifying your admin

Manage Sales Channels

Connect your online reservation system to hundreds of online channels such as AirB&B or Booking.com. Handle all your sales channels in a single place without the hassle of inventory management. Save time by setting multiple rates and availability from one location

  • Your inventory allocation is automatically updated with a two-way connection
  • Easily update different rates and room availability on different channels
  • Use advance inventory controls to close channel availability during periods of peak direct booking
  • Create derived rate plans that allow you to easily account for commission rates on different channels

Coming Soon! Fully Integrated Housekeeping System


Manage your budgets with a low monthly fee based on the size of your premises. Your booking system costs are based on the number of rooms or individual bookable units, be they rooms, apartments or beds

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