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5 Reasons to Invest in a New eCommerce Website

Helen O'Brien
March 28, 2019

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"Every day, Irish consumers are spending over €20 million online"

At the moment, much of that daily €20 million is going overseas because many businesses are not prioritising eCommerce. 71% of consumers are 'more likely' to buy from a business that has a website

So why invest in a new eCommerce website?
Here are five reasons why it makes sense:

1. Responsive Design is Crucial

Mobile website visits outstripped the more traditional desktop visits in 2015. If your website is not designed for mobile traffic, you lose at least half your audience immediately. Your website must not only be optimised for mobile and tablets, but also the design of these versions must meet or exceed your desktop version

2. Ease of Updating

With modern content management systems, it is no longer complicated and time consuming to make necessary changes. The provision of quality information is one of the benefits of online shopping, so ease of updating is a vital component of your eCommerce journey

3. Smart Email Marketing

Because email marketing offers the highest rate of conversion over any other medium, it makes sense to maximise its use. With the right system, most of this can be automated but still feel like it has been personalised to meet your customer’s needs and interests

4. Good Design Makes Money

Good design builds consumer confidence and trust in your brand. A good designer will make the best use of the psychology of colours, positioning, shapes and more, to provide an intuitive path to checkout. This seamless experience encourages your customers to return and buy, time and again

5. Social Media Integration

For many businesses, Social Media Marketing is a huge opportunity to find customers and sell products but it’s not being used well in most cases. Simple solutions like integrating the Facebook Pixel properly, provide a wealth of information that will increase your return on investment, rather than just looking at vanity metrics such as likes and shares

Free up Your Time

At Idirlinn we have the skills and experience to grow your online business.
Our dedicated team will work with you to create a customer friendly eCommerce website and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that boosts your business

Here at Idirlinn we can run and promote your online business for you, freeing up your time to look after your day to day

Idirlinn - Ecommerce Specialists

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We build and managed a wide range of eCommerce websites. You can see an example of our work in our portfolio

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Reach New Customers

Only 30% of Irish businesses are trading online, there is a massive market to be tapped into not only at home but also abroad. Getting your business trading online now will give you access to a huge number of new customers and allow you to reconnect with existing ones

The Government recognises that there is a huge potential in getting Irish businesses online so that they can sell their products and services nationally and internationally. To build an effective eCommerce business, you need to invest at least €5,000 and the Government are offering to cover half the cost to encourage businesses to start trading online

The eligibility criteria
  • have a limited online trading presence
  • fewer than 10 employees
  • turnover less than €2million
  • applicants must be registered and trading for minimum of 6 months

The Vouchers can be used to develop or upgrade an ecommerce website including an online payments or booking system. Online advertising, app development, implementation of a digital marketing strategy, and consultation with ICT experts are all eligible for this funding

You can find your local LEO office here →