Tobar Dhuibhne

Comharchumann Forbartha Chorca Dhuibhne was established in 1967 to enhance the social, economic and cultural life of the region through the Irish language. They are responsible for developing and implementing the local Irish language plan

Web Design
Comharchumann Forbartha Chorca Dhuibhne
Branding, Bilingual Website, Illustrations & Social Media Marketing

Branding, Bilingual Website, Illustrations & Social Media Marketing

They asked us to develop branding and a website for the public to read the draft plan and submit ideas. They also commissioned us to create and implement a marketing strategy to reach their target audience

We created a colourful logo and branding material, which included posters, cartoons, videos, graphics and print ads. We also built a website, which incorporated commissioned illustrations and graphics, extensive documentation regarding the plan and landing pages for marketing campaign

The client was excited with the logo, which communicated the key concept of the language plan, namely to encourage people to speak Irish. The website and branding material reinforced this goal. The marketing campaign via print and social media, connected with the target audience and lead to lively engagement and also lead to a well-attended event

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